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Support in advisory and consultancy for various companies that wish to enter, or improve their participation in the mining market.


Analysis of bidding processes for the acquisition of equipment and instrumentation for ventilation of mines and tunnels.

Advice and geotechnical operational support, environmental advice with analysis of strategies.


Optimize the safety of your mine through custom systems that control ventilation.


Today we have a distribution agreement for the complete range of SENCEIVE solutions for movement control and monitoring of all types of structures.

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Maybe is not possible to avoid this accident but with Technology we could predict them

Checker USA LLC

After almost 20 years of career in the mining and construction industry, the founder of Checker decides to create this company in the United States with the main purpose of being able to transfer his knowledge and experience throughout the world, to the different companies and entities that today focus on the services and solutions of ground control and monitoring of natural and artificial structures and that above all focus on prevention of serious or fatal accidents and that can mean incalculable losses for people and companies.

Checker USA LLC was born in 2021 in Miami USA, from where today support is provided in advice and consulting for various companies that wish to enter, or improve their participation in the mining, industrial, construction, tunnel development and more market, with quality solutions and that are capable of generating added value in different areas such as geotechnical and structural safety, Energy saving and above all Safety of people.

CHECKER USA, seeks to deliver an honest response and according to market and business conditions, to various companies that have within their plans to generate new business in North America and Latin America, where there are often various cultural and social factors that can interfere drastically in the success or failure of a company that is just beginning to enter that market. Personnel specialized in complex sales throughout different projects, in most of the mining countries of the region, will be able to do a thorough job in the field, understand and above all report to our clients the best action plans to turn an opportunity or a need into a business, and above all in a long-term commercial relationship with mining companies, Ground Control and Monitoring of Structures.

Our company wants to be a contribution to the safety of all people and thanks to the experience acquired during more than 20 years in mining, to be able to advise on the definition of the use of state-of-the-art instruments and technologies that allow us to predict potential accidents that could affect us. affect every day on a road, a bridge, a mountain etc.



Optimize and improve your operation with a focus on Mine Ventilation and Geotechnical Support by working with multidisciplinary experts who have extensive and diverse international experience.

Safety and prevention of accidents due to disasters or natural effects

Checker USA has defined to carry out a very interesting service in the United States, which consists of being able to support all companies and institutions related to the control and monitoring of potential areas or places of risk due to the occurrence of natural disasters or man-made structures such as:

• Rockslides on road or road slopes, tailings dams.
• Sleet landslides, such as glaciers and avalanches.
• Collapse and collapse of bridges and support structures of liquids, ore concentrates and others.
• Collapse and failure of roads and highways
• Blasting effects on tunnels and common structures.
• Prevention of accidents due to the effect of subsidence phenomena in places altered by underground mining.
The objective of this service is to be able to become a great contribution to communities throughout the country, trying to develop control and monitoring plans in areas of common use, national interest, monuments, natural reserves among others, with all the technologies that are currently used in the mining industry, thus minimizing the number of people injured or killed because of disasters or accidents that are generated as a result of failures natural and artificial structural, rainfall, floods, and climate change in general.

The knowledge of all the technologies in instrumentation for ground control and monitoring of deformations will allow us to be a support when making decisions to protect the integrity of people, equipment and facilities anywhere in the country.

Technologies and instrumentation

• Avalanche monitoring radars
• Slope monitoring radars
• Sensors Inclinometers, Extensometers, Vibrating Rope, Load Cells, Piezometers
• Ground Penetration Radar
• Seismic sensors
• Optical fiber used as multisensor
• Shape array systems
• Wireless strain data transmission systems
• Prisms


Optimize and improve your operation with a focus on Mine Ventilation and Geotechnical Support by working with multidisciplinary experts with extensive and diverse international experience.

The success of mining projects depends on a combination of technical, communication and management expertise. Our impartial advice to our clients is based on our extensive knowledge, experiences throughout different projects in different countries and our comprehensive practical experience.

Our internal network of multidisciplinary specialists at a global level allows us to minimize gaps between areas of expertise, reduce risks for our clients and their collaborators and develop solid and feasible action plans. Our experience in all types of mining projects throughout Latin America, guarantees innovative, profitable and environmentally acceptable solutions.

We offer an independent and technically detailed perspective in the analysis of needs focused on geotechnics, use of adequate and necessary instrumentation, efficient and safe data transmission within any project and advice on the calculation and design of efficient ventilation systems based on the use of plastic ducts or copolymers of high quality and resistance, that will allow not only to improve the quality of ventilation inside a tunnel but also to generate considerable savings in energy consumption as a result of the reduction in the number of fans inside the mine.

Underground Services

• Analysis of bidding processes for the acquisition of equipment and instrumentation for mine and tunnel ventilation.
• Geotechnical operational advice and support
• Mine Ventilation

Services and Support for Geotechnical applications

• Analysis of bidding processes for equipment acquisition and geotechnical instrumentation.
• Geotechnical operational advice and support.
• Slope failure risk assessment, management, monitoring and retrospective analysis.
• Support in monitoring multi-brand radars via remote.
• Advice on support for management and monitoring of tailings dams.

Digitization of manual processes Digitization, storage and control of:

- Check list of equipment and vehicles
- Work permits
- Job risk analysis
- Remote induction and evaluation courses

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Improved efficiency:

Digitization reduces reliance on manual processes, saving time and resources. By automating repetitive tasks and eliminating the need for physical document handling, workflows are streamlined and productivity is optimized.

Error reduction:

Manual processes are subject to human error, such as omissions, duplication, or mistakes. By digitizing these processes, the potential for errors is minimized, leading to greater accuracy and quality in business operations.

Improved access and collaboration:

Digitization allows quick and easy access to information from anywhere and at any time. Digitized documents and data can be shared and collaborated efficiently, facilitating teamwork, decision-making, and internal communication.

Security and data protection:

Digitization provides an additional layer of security for data and documents. Through document management systems, access permissions can be established, automatic backup copies can be made, and a record of activities can be maintained, which protects sensitive information and guarantees regulatory compliance.

Analysis and decision-making based on data:

By digitizing processes, data is generated that can be analyzed and used to gain valuable insight into business performance and trends. This allows for more informed and strategic decision making.

Space and cost savings:

By eliminating the need to store large amounts of physical documents, office space is saved and costs associated with handling, filing and transportation are reduced. In addition, digitization can lower costs for paper, ink, and printer maintenance.